Peace and Tranquility: Creating An Oasis

Your home should be your own personal sanctuary. At the end of a long, hard, stressful day, you want to come home to a relaxing environment. A place that you can really kick back and relax. Have you ever thought of creating an oasis? Your own backyard oasis. Beautiful, tranquil, and completely serene.

Water is known to have calming effects. Everyone loves the beach, the ocean, the sound of a rippling pond, or rushing river water. Now imagine having a waterfall or fountain, maybe a pond of your own. In your own backyard. A magical oasis all of your own. All of your personal favorites in the same place. It’s not that hard. Trust me when I say, creating an oasis is well worth every penny you spend. A lifetime of pleasure and complete peace has no price tag.

All that is left to do is to create. If you want to make your dream come true and have a natural wonderland in your own backyard, let’s get started. Let’s take a look at the elements to consider when deciding to finally create your very own backyard oasis.

Elements Involved In Creating An Oasis In Your Backyard

  1. Plants

An oasis is your perfect environment in your backyard. Include your favorite trees and bushes for privacy. You might want to add a few terraces with flowering vines blocking others from seeing in. It’s for you and only you anyway. Add your favorite fragrant flowers and herbs, giving you beautiful smells as well as for appeal. Be creative, plant what you want. Your oasis is an ode to the planet Earth as well as creating a relaxing atmosphere made for you.

  1. Water

Every Oasis must have water. Besides a water source will give refreshment and help maintain the vegetation and animal life that live there.

A self-made pond, waterfall, fountain, whatever you chose. The sound of trickling water will give you a sense of calmness plus help block out the outside noises if you live in a more urban area.

You can have your water source filled with different life forms, fish, crabs, or minnows. If you have a large area and you installed a pond, you may want to consider other animals. Not limited to but including turtles, ducks, or other types of birds. Swans would be a beautiful touch.

  1. Lighting

Whether you create your own oasis in your backyard or it is a sunroom or other extension of your house. You need the lighting to be perfect. You want it to suit your needs. If you have birds, fish, or a lot of plants depending on their needs. You may want bright lights or direct sunlight in a certain area.

Yet, in the area that you use to wind down, to relax. The part that has furniture where you sit or stand to look out at your own oasis, your own eco-system if you would. You may want the lighting in that particular area to be dim. Make it so that it’s the most relaxing, calm spot of the entire area. You may have that be the part that trees shelter or you have fences and terraces covered with climbing plants. The dim lighting will give you a soothing, relieving effect. Make the lighting perfect for you and all the different life form’s needs.

  1. Furniture

Decide what type of furniture you want your own oasis to have. This highly depends on whether it is outside or somewhat indoors. Whether other animals or purely you inhabit it with a small fountain and vegetation, indoors.

If entirely outdoors, in your own yard. If you have a porch area that extends into your oasis, you could have furniture on that particular part. A comfy couch, some sort of table. Pillows, blankets, or pure comfort of any sort.

If you are completely outdoors, you may only need a hammock. You may have a few stumps or rocks to sit on. You need a part of it where you can lie down and just meditate. Take a load off.

  1. Layout

The most important factor you need to consider before everything else is where you want your oasis to be. Outdoors, indoors, your backyard, a sun porch, an extra room in your house or so on. Make it perfect for you.

If it is more relaxing for you to have natural wildlife running through your backyard then why not? That would be amazing if you lived in the country, a more private home, surrounded by forests or fields.

End Result

Individual people know what is right for them. The most important aspect to remember in creating your own oasis is to make it environmentally friendly. It is natural and economically efficient. It relaxes you in a calm, sensual way. You don’t put a bar or a big screen TV somewhere close when creating an oasis. It’s not a party. It’s a party for your soul and mind. Become one with nature. Feel free and content. You want to doze off and wake up on a cot to hearing a fish jump out of the water. You want to be able to lie under the stars knowing you are safe, without any worries. Creating an oasis is a wonderful process that will give you personal freedom and chance to tune out the modern world. Make it yours, your oasis.