How Indoor Plants Help Clean the Air and Make You Feel Better

Plants are always beautiful with their lush green beauty. Isn’t it? But I find house plants are more attractive because of the lovely shapes they acquire. Moreover, the green views are refreshing indeed. But do you know that apart from green beauties, these houseplants can offer you some more attractive benefits, which are fantastic?

The green leaves release oxygen 

Remember the process of photosynthesis in the school book. During the daytime, with sunlight’s help, the green leaves of the indoor plants continue their photosynthesis and emit oxygen. If you keep green plants in your room, it will be easier to get an extra dose of oxygen for you and your family members.  

This is an easy way to improve the quality of indoor air and feeling naturally better. If you suffer from chronic respiratory trouble, this green plant therapy may work fantastic for you. Extensive research by NASA has exposed the fact that houseplants are entirely able to remove up to 87% of air toxins within 24 hours.

The green color exerts a feel-good mood around

You know, I love gardening. The close association for the green plants makes me stress-free. For a long time, I assumed that it’s my fascination that green colors seem so much rejuvenating. It is associated with nature and produces for the viewers a sense of tranquility.

Furthermore, the color green symbolizes harmony, growth, fertility, and freshness, which are all related to positive vibes in life. The color of green brings in mind the sense of safety.

When we keep green indoor plants around, the color effect of green starts working on us, and we feel refreshed.

The color green promotes positive green energy around you

It’s rightly said in Feng Shui, the color green symbolizes progress, success, fresh energy, and new beginnings. It is a woody color that stands for endurance and exerts a natural healing effect on the mind. When you keep different indoor plants, you can impose the layering effect of green vibes around you, and that brings a remarkable sense of fulfillment in your mind.  

When there are green trees around, you will enjoy the green Feng Shui effect around you, which brings a balance in mind that helps a lot in staying positive.

Positive effects of indoor plants 

No more inhibitions! Let’s talk about psychology. Psychologists recommend the placement of indoor plants in your rooms because these green babies can improve your mental health and work performance. Simultaneously, besides pollution control, indoor plants add brightness in a room décor that enlivens your stamina level. 

Keeping indoor air cleaner is an excellent attribute of the indoor plants! But what makes these green beauties highly adorable is their natural flow of energy influencing the ambiance. These plants quickly become part of room décor and enliven the area with a lively freshness that can bring a lively dose of positive energy to the people nearby.


Well, we must realize that indoor green plants can keep the air quality unpolluted and make your mood stress free and relaxed. And we all know that a stress-free and relaxed mood can take any challenge with a better spirit!