Someone New Moved into my Neighborhood

I learned about bear spray by accident when someone new moved into the neighborhood. My neighbor came calling to warn me that a bear had been spotted in the area. I shut the door and canceled my gardening plans for the day. I hate missing even one occasion to tend and water my plants. The seedlings will have to wait. I thought I had an old can of pepper spray in the garage and went looking, hoping it would come in handy. My husband promptly informed me that it is not the same as bear spray. Not at all. It is made of chili extract, propylene glycol and water. Bear spray is similar but is designed for just this one animal because of the higher concentration of capsaicinoids. You expect to find these threatening creatures in the wilderness, not near my home.

I wasn’t ready at all! I begged my husband not to leave me alone in the house to get some. I cowered in the easy chair in the den and turned on the TV, expecting to see something about the bear in the news. If I kept the windows and doors shut, maybe the bear would pass me by. If he liked young plants and beautiful flowers, he will stay for hours. Is it true they all love honey? Mercifully, I am not a beekeeper. When he is caught and safely ensconced in the zoo, I will get some bear spray from Self Defense Guide for future use.

Boredom from afternoon TV prompted me to look up the solution online. I was heartened to know that it stops undesirable bear behavior 92% of the time. It works best on brown bears, but pretty good on black, and absolutely perfectly on the polar type. Do people really go to the North Pole? The self defense method is a serious option given that people are known to be attacked by bears when hunting or camping. It comes down to your accuracy in delivering the spray. Above all, you want to avoid your own face (the wind could blow it there) as it will sting and burn your eyes, nose, and mouth. It is a great product to take with you into bear country. Now I live in it.

The bear hung out for two days as the animal control people roamed our street. He was spotted many times before he was finally captured. They use bear spray and huge nets. If they have to knock out an aggressive animal, they use a stun gun or a tranquilizer pellet. I would find out soon enough. The press came to interview my neighbor. It was such a rare occurrence that it made the evening news. All kinds of animal lovers came out of the woodwork to protest. How did they know it was a case of animal cruelty? What about the humans in its path? Didn’t they care about kids and pets either, not to mention my plants.