Back to my Old Standby

As a natural gardener (no chemicals or sprays), I am friendly with the local health food store. I supply some produce along with that I sell at the farmer’s market. I also shop at the health store and even buy personal toiletries such as face soap and cosmetics. They have a line of all-natural items that is very appealing to people like me who don’t like additives in their shampoo or bath gel. While I have been happy with the brands the store offers, the manager advised me recently of a new line. He wanted me to try it out and give him my opinion that he would use to decide whether to continue to stock the shelves with new inventory. I agreed as a good customer and friend. Just get me started.

The manager packed up some items in varying sizes. I was not sure what was in the bag until I got home. I was pleased to see a non-scented face wash (some of them are so artificial) and some sensitive skin soap. There was some shampoo in a pretty golden honey color and some hair rinse. I had quite a sampling of products. There was also some natural makeup in a bottle and night cream in a jar. What surprised me the most was the mascara. Who would expect that in a health food store. I have bought vitamin C serum there, but never coating for my eyelashes.

I tried out everything over a week’s time and was satisfied with the results. The products made my skin feel soft and there were no intrusive smells like you get with commercial products. Manufacturers think this is appealing, but let me tell them—it isn’t. I was happy overall but drew the line at the mascara. The applicator was stiff and made the black goo stick to my eyelashes such that I thought it would never come off. In point of fact, when I did try to remove it that night, some of my eyelashes fell out. Oh, my God! Are they going to grow back? Alas, in a week, I found that they did when I visited I was so relieved. I threw away the rest of the mascara and went back immediately to the old standby. I am now in the hunt for another all-natural mascara that contains soothing oils and moisturizers. I guess people like the kind that lasts all day and doesn’t run, but that means the ingredients are too harsh.

Make up is very personal and you need to find what works best for you. Believe me, you don’t want any eyelash mishaps. I learned my lesson. I was hesitant to tell the manager, but I had to warn him of the reality of the product. He thanked me for my honesty and was sorry I had a rough time. He had liked the other offerings of the company, but the mascara will never return.