Staying Warm and Green

I can get passionate about certain subjects, principally those that pertain to what is happening to the environment. I get heated when people are indifferent and don’t choose to do even small things that are considered green. It gets me into a lecture mode when I start to spout statistics and even get to the point of spreading fear about the consequences in decades to come of ignoring the needs of our planet. I recall a certain argument with my neighbor that got our tempers to flare over what is better for the environment: natural gas heat, a space heater, or a fire in the fireplace. Guess where I stand? My neighbor said you have to be warm in the cold weather no matter how. I laughed. This is a preposterous statement. You can be warm in many ways the least of which is to put on a heavy sweater and socks. If that is uncomfortable for you, you can also stay warm and green at the same time by lighting a fire. This is what having a wood stove is all about. It is not a decorative object or a way to add value to your home when it is time to put it on the market.

It is a practical device with a specific purpose dating back to the days of yore. That we still have them at all is testimony to man’s intelligence about providing a natural form of heat. You don’t have to use electricity. Some people leave the heat on all day and night to be toasty warm but look at their utility bills! Also look at the energy waste compounded to infinity by adding every citizen on earth. Let’s hope as you read this blog that you do in fact have a fireplace. If you are in Southern California or Florida, you may not and I forgive you for using a space heater. Just use it at the minimum. For the rest of you, get outside and chop some wood. It will be good exercise! I really believe we can save the planet from man’s continual devastation and we owe it to ourselves to try. The fireplace as the focal point of the heat source of your home is but one way that millions of us can oblige. Get in the habit of using it in the winter and find ways of cutting down on air conditioning in the summer by using ceiling fans. I believe there is an ecological answer to everything. Join me in praising those who comply and our numbers are growing steadily. There is so much information online now as to how to live green that there is no excuse for being indifferent. Ignorance is easily remedied. There is always time in your day to find out more. You can grow food in a garden, cut down on the size of your appliances, recycle anything you can and protect our saturated landfills.