Good Enough to Eat!

I love having a garden out back. According to the seasons, I can grow certain vegetables to supply my dinner table and also have enough left over for my clients at the farmer’s market. It is more than a hobby. It is truly a way of life. In the kitchen, I grow little pots of herbs to season the vegetables I produce. I am a mini farmer in essence and the “farm” is growing. As I till the soil, I have more space for new plants. I sometimes wish I lived in the country on acres of land and that I had a full-scale business going with employees and all. I would need a source of water, but I am always researching vegetables that work well in dryer climates and don’t need to be drenched. I would learn to depend on the rainfall and would have out at all times my trusty almanac.

I am a DIY person and that goes for many things. I do my own household cleaning and repair and some of my car maintenance within reason. My neighbors and I share skills and trade off working for one another so it is an even trade. I have a lot to offer what with all the vegetables I grow. I also make baked goods and bread in my new bread machine that sits atop the kitchen counter proud to do its job. I love to make gifts of cookies and different breads and in return I get all kinds of homemade meals. I also take the breads, wrapped in plastic, to the farmer’s market where they go like hot cakes. No one makes their own breads any more—except for me! People love my rosemary bread made with fresh herbs that I have grown. I am going to branch out and learn to make tomato sauce with basal and oregano, also produced at home. I will put it in sealed jars and add it to my offerings at the market. If I get really ambitious, I will try to sell it to local family-owned restaurants who value homemade rather than store bought.

The world is a busy place and store bought is the only recourse for most people. I feel sorry for them. The taste of homemade is far superior. It isn’t a matter of cost. The prices at the supermarket don’t seem to deter shoppers from loading up. If I can give them an inkling of what a few homemade things are like, I might get some real converts. We need to attract these old-fashioned souls to the farmer’s market and rid them of their assumptions. Healthy is not a chemically-engineered tomato. Healthy is produced in the unfertilized earth. I hope you join me in my quest and help me spread the word. Meanwhile I am enjoying baking in my kitchen: the odor is divine. More than a few neighbors have noticed. So come on over. I am happy to share.