A Change of Pace

Sometimes I spend an entire day bending over in the garden to inspect my crop. It takes a toll on my back, and while gardening is good exercise, it doesn’t get all the muscles. I want more of a balanced workout—one that is aerobic but also tones you up. The problem is getting the time. Marketing my produce keeps me hopping most every day, but I am going to set aside some time before it is too late. Once I find the right gym and program to suit my needs, I will be faithful to the regime. But I have to select what I want to do, where I want to do it, and get signed up.

I took a tour of a nearby gym to assess its facilities and equipment. It looked well stocked and the people working out looked content. It was clean as a whistle and had a nice locker room, sauna, showers, and jacuzzi. What more could you want. There were all kinds of machines in the weight room of which I know nothing about. Then there were the usual ellipticals, treadmills, and rowing machines. I can see that people vary their time in the gym and do cross training. What really caught my eye, however, was the boxing bag. A healthy young man was punching away at this moving target. As I watched, he got faster and faster, his fists slamming the bag with directed aggression. Then he started to move about on swift feet that got his heart rate going no doubt. He circled the bag with hopping motions. I could see myself doing it. It looked like fun. I liked seeing the sweat pouring from his brow. This is the best kind of aerobic workout you can imagine. If you work out with a trainer, you can learn to jab and direct your thrusts to develop skills. Most people do it as a form of exercise that is akin to dancing in many ways. You shuffle your feet and control your fists all at the same time. It is great for balance, getting the heart rate up, and toning the arms and legs. You can add other exercises for the abdomen, but even that gets attention as you box.

I asked about a beginner’s program at the gym and they said “no problem.” We have classes and personal trainers so you can catch up and progress more rapidly. I will do a bit of both. I expect faster results that way. No more guilt about neglecting my body, and boxing will help me do something for my back beyond bending over. I am so happy to have been turned on by a new sport, something I wouldn’t normally have considered on my own for a million years. It is growing in popularity with both men and women and I can see why. For me it is a real change of pace. I love that I have a more balanced life. Stress is gone, I sleep better, and my back no longer aches.